#mondaymadness and Dietbet.com


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Whats Good Freakin Fit Foodies, … JK

Hows your week going?  I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday.  Rising and Shining @ 5 AM to work out is rough.  I feel as if I am  psychically  living  every single hour I am not sleeping/dreaming annnnnddddddd I love it!! For the most part but at 11pm ish I turn into this tired monster b*tch 😉 eeek my poor boyfriend. I  need to be in bed at 10PM the latest, never happens. drinkand


  I  love to start the week off right, so I hit the gym hard on Mondays. After  a weekend of partygal living I need the extra cardio and calorie burn.

rulestolivePre- crash with Grapeizzle #MondayMadness I had already logged 5miles,  50 squats and some arms. After the crash I was feeling bruised, battered and  tight but I  wanted to continue with my #MondayMadness classes. So I hit up Pilates 5:30 PM at Boston Sports Club SE location. It’s still up in the air if I will continue this Pilates  class, I love Pilates. I hated the music, Mix of country and Jason Mraz which I don’t mind some country and love a few Jason Mraz songs BUTT(squat)  its not what I want to hear when I am  working mah Muscles. sweaty


 CLASS DUEX of the night@ 6:30pm sharp  BOOTCAMP WITH ROBERTO what an amazing person but he really beats a bitch up. I easily burn 700 cals in 60 minutes. Its non stop  I want to die fun 🙂 Roberto’s class is hard to get into you need to sign up at 10AM on Sunday to make the list or you are wait listed 😦 I’ve been there it suckssssss … When all you want is to work out and  have darling Roberto  call you by your given name,  screaming  “give me more, 5 more look how much fun we are having!!”  insane.

#MonDayMadness ended and I decided to join a dietbet. Anyone familiar with the site dietbet.com? Its great you have 4 weeks to lose 4% of your total  weight.  You pay or “bet” to  join a game the price on the game you join. I joined a $20 game chump change. I’ll post more info later it starts November 6th!!




My bike Grapeizzle and I were in a bike accident :(


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OMG!!! I almost died… I almost fucking died!! As many of you know I commute via Bicycle, my bike’s name is Grapeizzle she’s a sweet ride a street bike that can get some sick speed. Today I was running late post workout and was giving it all I had to punch the clock before 9AM( I wasn’t late)  I’ve never had an accident on Grapeizzle well today it all changed 😦


This stupid broad jumped in front of my bike while I was speeding to work. She looked one way and not they other. I said helloooooooo to her and she kept dancing back in forth while I tried to break/ go around her ( braking was impossible, I was going way  too fast). She was on her phone and completely not with MONDAY MORNING. After I was thrown off my bike Thank you  BABY JESUS no cars were  driving close to me. I got right up to see if she was okay. She was kind of mean, I understand that reaction,  we were both visible  shaking. Then I  got to work and I was pissed at her stupidity and the fact that she could have killed me.  The crash jacked  right side brake up and is going to cost an arm and a leg to fix.

This is a picture I took in Florence

Watermelon Bike


My right  shoulder feels off and I have a bump on my elbow and my brand new leggings are ripped. But i think It could have been far worst.. SO THANK YOU BABY JESUS!!!! Life is all about Balance


Top Chef Fav is a FREAKIN FIT FOODIE: Padma Lakshimi with an easy protein recipe


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Hey Freakin Fit Foodies,

Hope you had a phenomenal  weekend!! I just received the newest copy of Fitness with Padma Lakshimi on the cover, she is so gorgeous and  a freakin fit foodie just life you! She loves to stay fit and is a complete foodie. I personally would love to have her job on Top Chef tasting all those delicious foodie creations. The article in FITNESS was great it really touched on gaining and losing weight and how hard it can be to be a foodie. Padma stays fit by  keeping a jumprope on hand and climbing stairs she walks 74 flights a day. I recently fell in love with the stair mill  I use to despise it, a machine created by the devil. Have you tried any new machines at the gym?


As promised a quick recipe to get that protein punch you need after  working out. The best part of this recipe is that it’s cheap and soooo yummy and quick.

Creative Cheese

-1/2 cup of cottage cheese

-scallions if you

-Mrs. Dash or any other salt free season

-Cherry tomatoes


Combine cottage cheese, seasoning and scallion add cherry tomatoes and olives. It’s done and soooo freakin delishhhh

cottageEnjoy! What are your plans for working out this week? I will be spinning and shredding it


Just get to the Gym: Every Freakin Day Just work out


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Lets face it life is crazy, especially  during this upcoming hectic holiday season. You might  feel like skipping the gym when life starts to get CRAY CRAY CRAZYYY !?!  Believe me i’ve been there I’ve skipped the gym and you know what happened? I regretted it, I felt like shit. Don’t do that to yourself, so stop this cycle and EVERY FREAKIN DAY JUST WORK OUT. I am not telling you to go run a marathon but EVERY FREAKIN DAY JUST WORKOUT. I am not telling you to wake up at 5 AM and take a spinclass but EVERY FREAKIN DAY JUST WORKOUT.

You will lose weight, feel accomplished and know you’re a FREAKIN BEAST.

So don’t skip your workout  and think EVERY FREAKIN DAY JUST WORKOUT



How to get your ass up early and workout


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I want to be that person, you know them. The annoying early  risers who energetically jump out of bed throws the coffee on and  guzzle it while running 2 miles to  gym,  arriving before 5:30 AM. They will enthusiastically start  performing  elevated jumps to get the blood moving. (( yes to  a degree of this craziness,   I aspire to be))  In reality I am that person who hits snooze 5 times jumps out of bed and drinks coffee in the shower.  Drinks a protein shake while I  try on five different  outfits including  shoes all  while applying makeup and hoping I don’t forget to put mascara on the other eyelash. Thank god I live only 2 miles away from my office since I am usually in a semi panic attack when I Jump on my bike and race to work, hopefully arriving before 9 AM.  So things are changing and this is how I am doing it.

This is my lovely vintage 1986 lilac Fuji 10 speed: I love her, her name is Grapezizzle. we cruise around Boston together, we might be soul mates 🙂


Well Snooozzzerrr no more. My FAT ASS is getting up! If you’re like me and leaving a warm bed to workout is  daunting try these tricks. First lets be serious no one wants to go to the gym early and have workout ADD its the worst. PLAN, PLAN and plan some more if your gym offers classes make it to them, Keep these appointment with yourself.  I’ve been doing spin and boot camps love them. My spin teacher plays the best mix of music from Jason Mraz to Salt and Pepper.  If your gym doesn’t offer morning classes create a written plan to bring with you.workoutFind more workouts on Pintrest …

Pack everything the night before, I mean everything put your workout clothing next to your bed.  Have a water bottle next to your bed so you can chug it and awaken your organs.

panamThis is my bag: makeup,soaps,work clothing water bottle and shoes.

Let me know if you have ant get your ass moving tricks or if you like Grapezizzle 🙂





I am in LOVE


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I am in Lovee!!! and I don’t care  who knows…

I am in love with my new running shoes,  I want wear and run everywhere in them.

This love started with a crush,  I spotted these cuties at Finish Line and I knew it was love.

The price almost killed my love, running at a cold $199. I thought she was heartless bitch how could this be a match made in heaven with that price. So I got lucky and found them on sale and saved $50 sold. I loveeee my new  pair of Mizuno Wave Prophecy 2 and it’s a wonderful smooth light ride.  I started Couch to 5K today and enjoyed it all in my Mizunos.


If you aren’t familiar with the couch to 5K this is the link 


Couch to 5k is a 9 week program, in 9 weeks you will be able to run a 5k! Freakin fantastic so the first week  three times a week you walk at a brisk pace for 5 minutes and then alternate between 60 second jogs and 90 seconds of walking.

Today I walked and ran with my friend Anna at  Castle Island in South Boston its a gorgeous place to enjoy the sea.


It was a beautiful fall day in Boston


Freakin Fantastic Frittata: Parmesan Spinach and Mushroom


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When it’s  Summer I only want to cook once, I want to turn the stove on for a few hours and be done with it. this frittata is healthy low carb, packs a mean punch of protein and is chocked full of veggies. I also make this recipe  with zucchini and red onion; my boyfriend loves that variation. Always remember when possible BUY LOCAL 


What you will need

– 1 Cup of Mushrooms 

– 2 cup on fresh spinach 

-2 Eggs

– 1 cup of egg whites 

-1/2 cup of shredded parmesan cheese


Step One: cook the mushrooms first and than the spinach should be added

Step Two: Beat the eggs and egg whites together 

Step Three: Add egg mix to pan

Step Four:  Wait a few minutes and then add the cheese. 

Step Five: Flip the frittata to cook the other side wait about 5 minutes 

Step Six: Viola!! easy peasy frittata


It’s easy and delicious make a few an maybe freeze them for a quick meal. 



Save The Rotting Bananas: Banana Chocolate Protein Pancakes


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With Summer finally heating up and my apartment is  so freaking hot, my bananas are expiring at a rapid rate. I hate throwing food away it’s so wasteful in a world where many people go to bed hungry.  So I have found a way to save them  this recipe calls for two banana but if you have a few extra peel them and toss them in the freezer.  this is a simple recipe that is so delicious and healthy and carries a protein punch.


– 2 Bananas

-1/4 cup of oatmeal

-1/2 cup of egg whites

-1 scoop of chocolate protein powder

– 1/4 cup of fat-free milk

Serving size 2

Blend the oatmeal down to a powder  then add the bananas and egg whites blend again. Now add a scoop of your favorite chocolate or any other flavor. The consistency of the mix might be a little too thick this is when you added the milk or water if you want to cut out  a few calories.  You should be able to get six three-inch pancakes. 

Spray pan with non stick spray and pour batter in  a few minutes on each side of pancake and viola! Protein pancakes, top off with vanilla greek yogurt.


RubMeDown-Broiled Cajun Catfish with Roasted Peppers


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I live in a Brownstone in Boston’s South End and its gorgeous here. I’ve occupied the same apartment for about 3 years now and I love it, but  my apartment is sooooo tiny compared to the apartment I grew up in Suburbia.  I recently had my cute little niece came over  for dinner and she  wanted to know why my kitchen was in my living room. I laughed and told her this is city living. So my kitchen is my dining room and living room and I wouldn’t trade my apartment for anything.

With such a tiny kitchen, I have an apartment stove.  Which sometimes makes it difficult to cook numerous dishes at once. So this is my quick go to recipe using my oven and broiler when I have white fish.


xXx Rub Me Down Broiled Cajun Catfish xXx

–       1 tsp of Chili powder

–       1 tsp of Cayenne pepper

–       1 tsp Cumin

–       2 tsp of rosemary

–       1 tsp paprika

–       Salt and Pepper

–       Canola oil spray

–       1 Lbs. of Catfish or other white fish

Salt and pepper on both sides of fish.

Sprinkle all dry ingredients on fish.

Rub it down- gloves suggested.

Put it in the oven and broil it

DON’T FORGET IT  let it cook for about 5-7 minutes depending in your broiler

Then bake till done.

Roasted Mini Peppers


-Canola Oil Spray

-Salt and Pepper

Cut peppers and place on tin foil or on a cookie sheet. Spray oil and season with salt in pepper. Place in broiler and DON’T FORGET  THEM